Chocolate berry and other edible S. African Vitex species

02 Sep


Here’s an interesting article about a range of edible/useful Vitex species from South and West Africa… The photo at the bottom of this post is from the original article for visual reference.

Feasting on chocolate berries
(From The Southern Times) “Chocolate berry” has in the past referred only to Vitex payos, but for present purposes, I have used the name to refer collectively to the various African Vitex species with promise as fruit trees.

It is not a perfect match, given that botanically speaking the fruits are not berries but drupes.

Around Bulawayo in Zimbabwe, you get Vitex isotjensis, Vitex mombassae and Vitex payos. The last is the best. It is sold in the markets and is among the most popular indigenous fruits.

Everyone likes having a chocolate berry tree around, and people gather the seeds for planting.

The 70 species include some specimens with exceptional promise in agro-forestry…

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