15 Sep

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Sheep AI offers more rapid genetic gain - 9/14/2012 - Farmers Weekly

Gemma Mackenzie

Friday 14 September 2012 13:10

Increasing numbers of sheep producers are following in the footsteps of their dairy counterparts by using artificial insemination (AI) as a means of improving genetic traits in their flocks.

First generation farmer Simon Kavanagh, who keeps 700 pedigree Lleyn ewes and 500 gimmer lambs at West Berwick Farm in Draughton, near Skipton, is among those taking advantage of the benefits of this breeding tool.

Mr Kavanagh, who has been doing work with AI in his flock for the past ten years, says the benefits of AI include more rapid genetic gain, the ability to use the semen from top-quality tups, which you might not have been able to buy, and the ability to spread a ram across a larger number of ewes.

“My main objective is to produce top-quality replacement breeding stock for farmers,” says Mr…

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