09 Oct

Urban agriculture: Where suburbs and farms, pathogens and livestock, meet and mix.

ILRI Clippings

A dairy farm in Dagoretti, a suburb of Nairobi, Kenya, where lines between city-life and farm-life are blurred (photo credit: Tristan McConnell).

Tristan McConnell reported in the GlobalPost yesterday that ‘In modern Africa, it can be hard to tell where the city ends and the countryside begins.

Rural Kenyans flocking to the city in ever-greater numbers bring their cows and crops, while the fast-growing cities sprawl outward, gobbling up fields and forests. . . . Driving toward the Nairobi suburb of Dagoretti, tall stalks of maize peak out between the neighboring walls of block apartments and banana trees peer over the tin-roofed shanties. Around corners appear little valleys patch-worked with smallholder plots known as shambas growing kale, spinach and carrots. . . .

‘This is all good, as the Nairobi-based International Livestock Research Institute, points out. The benefits of urban livestock keeping are many: from improved food security, nutrition and health from livestock…

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