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Africa Enjoying Dynamic Growth but Challenges Remain



IMF Spring Meetings – 20 April 2013


African countries are focusing on improving their infrastructure and tackling unemployment to maintain their dynamic growth, said panelists at an IMF conference.

African finance ministers told reporters at the 2013 IMF-World Bank Spring Meetings that although Africa had weathered the crisis remarkably well, efforts needed to be undertaken to maintain solid inclusive growth.

Noting that Europe, Africa’s traditional trading partner, was still grappling with weak growth, ministers called for more regional integration, and greater trade amongst African countries to maintain dynamic growth in the continent.

Ministers also emphasized that Africa’s continued growth was based on sound policies including prudent fiscal and monetary policy, adequate foreign reserves and lower inflation.

They added that improving the business climate through more transparency and an easier access to information and statistics would facilitate the development of a strong private sector, which in turn would…

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Compassion in Politics: Christian Social Entrepreneurship, Education Innovation, & Base of the Pyramid/BOP Solutions

Here is a relatively short list:

• Drip Irrigation
• Treddle Pumps
• Mobile or other methods of helping communicate market prices.
• Crop Insurance (we don’t think about this as technology–I guess its more of a service, but its pretty important from what I’ve read)
• Preservation of rain fall. Rain collection in buckets and/or troffs
• Radio access to other agricultural education (US AID does this & a number of non-profits have radio programs as well. I’m sure access to these varies by region. I imagine its pretty easy to borrow that content if you have a radio station set up)
• Fertilizer
• Farmers collectives (again we don’t think about this as a technology, its more of a cultural technology or cultural innovation)
• Self-help groups (SHGs). This is another cultural technology. Its used by I believe all the micro-finance institutions for accountability & encouragement. I believe they…

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ZAMBIA: In Kabwe, the capital of the Central Province where the first cases were reported, armyworms have already been reported to have destroyed 6500 hectares of maize crop.

The Plantwise Blog

Armyworms in Zambia are threatening food security by reducing crop yields. This was the message from former Agriculture Minister Eustarkio Kazong, speaking in an interview for Zambian radio station, QFM. Armyworms are attacking crops, causing major damage to maize, cassava, sorghum and rice. In Kabwe, the capital of the Central Province where the first cases were reported, armyworms have already been reported to have destroyed 6500 hectares of maize crop. Despite measures to prevent the spread, cases of armyworms have today been confirmed in 5 of the country’s 10 provinces. Farmers in the remaining provinces have been advised to take precautions as the pest could spread to the whole country.

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ADDIS ABABA, Ethiopia, December 4, 2012– Food production, livelihoods, various socio-economic sectors and well being of Africa will gain from better and more accurate climate information according to the African Union Commission (AUC).


Tumusiime Rhoda Peace (2nd from right).

Tumusiime Rhoda Peace, African Union Commissioner in charge of Rural Economy and Agriculture, said this on the occasion of the dinner Dialogue organised at the margins of CoP18, on Monday 3 December 2012, in Doha, Qatar.

The diner dialogue Held under the theme “Are we investing ‘enough’ in climate services for Africa’s development?” aims to provide an avenue for closer interaction, to raise awareness of stakes and opportunities and to renew the commitment to the programme including by generating the required financial support for its effective implementation.

Commissioner Tumusiime, underscored that the credible climate services constitute a good foundation for managing risks and leapfrogging development, noting that what we usually tackle in…

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e-News Service

By Anthony Aisi.

Former UN Secretary-General and Chairman of the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA), Kofi Annan, on Tuesday outlined how food and nutrition security, particularly for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable, can be achieved by transforming agriculture and reshaping the global food security system.

Speaking at the high-level Flagship Forum: “Securing Food, Harvesting the Future”, in Berlin, Mr. Annan said: “in an era of plenty, nearly one in eight people do not have enough food to eat and another billion lack the nutrition necessary for proper health and development.”

Annan also Outlined the serious threat to food and nutrition security from the damaging impact of climate change: “Vast areas of once-fertile land are no longer productive. Rising temperatures and changes to rainfall patterns are reducing crop yields.”

He Urged world leaders from the public and private sectors to accelerate investment in agriculture: “It is in…

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e-News Service

By Anthony Aisi.

International Fund for Agriculture (IFAD) and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) call for continued investments in Africa’s smallholder farmers to unlock Africa’s potential

Kanayo F. Nwanze, President of International Fund for Agricultural Development (IFAD) and Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA) President Jane Karuku called for a continued global push for increased smart investments in Africa’s agriculture, both by governments and the private sector.

After speaking at the Chatham House Food Security 2012 Sustainable Intensification: Miracle or Mirage conference, Nwanze and Karuku addressed a group of international media in London emphasizing that farming is a business and the private sector must fuel the development of Africa’s agribusiness in upgrading smallholder agriculture to meet demand from foreign and emerging markets in developing countries.

“Smallholders are a vast and underutilised resource. These are the people we work with – whether smallholders, pastoralists or herders…

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Scaling Up African Agriculture

Ag/FDA Blog

By Marshall L. Matz, as published in the October 3, 2012, issue of Agri-Pulse.

Last week in Arusha, Tanzania, former United Nations Secretary General Kofi Annan told 1,200 delegates attending the African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) that “African agriculture is now accelerating beyond the tipping point” and is the long term solution to global food and nutrition security.  Mr. Annan is correct on both points. The African Green Revolution is now under way and it is the key to both African and global food security.

Agriculture development has long been viewed as the economic key to Africa, but it is not always recognized as the solution to global food security and our ability to feed nine billion people by 2050.  Africa has 60 percent of the underutilized agricultural land in the world and is, therefore, the key to global food security.

To read the article in its entirety, click here.

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